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Giving back to the community

In light of recent events around the world and the ongoing pandemic that we are experiencing, it has become clearer than ever that our financial systems need a major overhaul. Cryptocurrency has always presented a verifiably better way to do finance, but during the current worldwide crisis, its value has become even more evident.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give”

Winston Churchill

When you examine the issues that face our world today, you’ll notice that the common theme is a lack of cash flow in the average household. When the worldwide economy is essentially shut down across the globe, millions of families will have issues creating income for their households, which in turn means they can’t make purchases from businesses that depend on their patronage.

Psyche Coin is unique in that it offers an opportunity for investment aside from the traditional speculative price increases that other cryptocurrencies, assets, and commodities have to offer. The coin is designed to build a sense of community and a spirit of mutual aid. Psyche will provide 100 coins every month to people in need. The goal is to reach 10,000 people which includes users and their families, especially those who live in poorer countries. They can use those coins to make a living. In some parts of the world, people make less than $2.00 per day and providing them with $100 in coin value for six months can help them sustain a living and improve their lives. This offer can help a user for six months, and then it will move to another user in need for six months.