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Psyche the Future of DeFi

Make Your Life Easier with Psyche Coin

“The future of money is digital currency”, quoted by Bill Gates [1]. If we think closely we will see how true this is. In this technologically evolved world, we are highly dependent on digitalization, and this evolution has already digitalized the money and we call it Cryptocurrency. It is now widely used and well-accepted by various authorities. The invention of cryptocurrency was out of necessity and after almost a decade we can feel the urge.

From that necessity, Psyche Coin has born as a faster and more user-friendly cryptocurrency that can be utilized by a child. Creating easy accessibility for everyone is our motivation. The entire cryptography follows a similar method that can be understood only by tech-savvies but Psyche is revolutionizing the potential blockchain technology to follow an easy method that is understandable for everyone.

What’s different in Psyche Coin?

Psyche is highly committed to building an improved and convenient system for the individuals as well as for the businesses. Currently, blockchain is considered to be one of the greatest technological innovations with potentials and creativity; Psyche has exhilarated the process by making it easier and faster. The goal is to encourage non-technical people to participate in cryptocurrency.

The name Psyche has been inspired by Psyche 16 which is the most valuable Asteroid in the space, aims to support the near future and the Psyche Coin sets the same goal. The focus is on the future of the payment process and building a straightforward method for operating. Psyche will create a network with stable coins so that you can enjoy consistent pricing throughout the day. Psyche is committed to providing the most advanced Smart Contracts to develop stable currency control. This contract enables the coins to pay the transaction fee from the coins.

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Psyche has given birth to the belief of making it simple for ordinary people by providing accessibility and consistency. The motivation was to design cryptography that will help the community. Psyche’s vision to make a world where:

· Cryptocurrency is easy to understand.
· Creates a trustworthy reputation.
· People will feel comfortable to use cryptocurrency in daily transactions.
· Does not harm the environment.
· Impoverished the communities directly benefit from the existence of the digital currency

How is Psyche Creating a Difference?

The key motive for the innovation of cryptocurrency was to create a secure and anonymous way of currency transfer. To do that, the cryptographical functions are necessary which is only possible by the innovation of Blockchain. This digital ledger uses a peer-to-peer network to function that sometimes becomes harder to explain. Well, Psyche Coin understands the dilemma and therefore stated difference from the rest of the stable coins in the market. It utilizes ERC20 utility token synchronized to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to the average persons by keeping the process uncomplicated.

Psyche has created the “RefleX Algorithm” to become successful in its goal. This algorithm increases the speed and the cost of transactions following some simple step by step methods. In Blockchain, RefleX Algorithm functions in synchronicity along with traditional techniques to make it easily accessible to everyone. The process becomes as easy as sending emails using the internet. Now, anyone can exchange a large amount of digital currency every day with trust and confidence with Psyche Coin.

The idea of Psyche is pretty basic. We believe that a 90-year-old grandfather must be able to send $100 to his grandson using Blockchain from his mobile phone. Not only from the individual level but now Psyche is also available in remittance, marketplace, payments, as well as in shopping. Psyche is working from the streamlined process to make it more convenient and grant the users to enjoy the freedom, comfort, and security right in your hands.

What’s New in Psyche Coin?

Psyche has the vision to give the world a better future in digitalized currency. As we surely can see the future improvising newer features that are beneficial for every user. Psyche protocol includes:

Ø Security: In the app, the user is being allowed to set a private key and pin to authenticate the transaction. Certain information can never be cracked because Psyche utilizes cryptography to save the account information. The account credentials are encrypted, remains stored, and only users have the authority to reset the password. Users can also add another layer of security using 2FA with Google authenticator.

Ø Speed: In Psyche, you can have speedy progress of transaction as it does not require the entire network to approve and process each transaction. Therefore, the transaction reaches just in a second. The system can manage up to 3000 transactions per second and it is upgradable.

Ø Signed Transaction: Psyche knows the consequences you face if you send money to a wrong address. Therefore, we implemented a six-digit unique code bound to submit for the completion of a transaction. The encrypted code is visible to the sender only which can be shared with the receiver.

Ø Cost: Another benefit of using Psyche is its cost minimization policy. Psyche can be transferred from one wallet to the other without any charge for five transactions in a day. After five free transfers, the user will be charged only 0.25 percent per transaction. There is no other interceder or any kind of hidden costs.

Ø Scalability: Psyche conforms with strong scalability due to having the innovative algorithm and process. Users can have the facility of pairing with the smartphone around the world to enjoy the smart transaction system. Psyche can manage millions of active users in a day.

Ø Making Assets: If you are thinking about making assets, you can purchase from the Psyche community and earn them through referral. Psyche recommends to sell at the rate of $0.98 and buy at $1. The respiratory component of the protocol manages and distributes accurate pricing in real-time. You can have the key properties of the respiratory including authentication, capacity, transparency, and accuracy.

Ø Environment Friendly: Psyche has an aim to be the most environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency. Hence, it makes sure the entire network does not need to have involvement in every transaction. The P2P transactions take place directly through MasterNode.

Richard Brown once said, “So, my view is quite clear. I believe cryptocurrency, is going to change the world”[2]. Psyche has taken it quite seriously and therefore, improvising versatility into the cryptography policy. Rather than just focusing on making transactions, we are also looking up how this process can be more effective for everyone in every sphere of life. The most impressive thing is, Psyche is highly concerned about mass people and the environment, which is a great initiative thus creating a better future by extending the regular concept of cryptocurrency.

Surely, Psyche is growing with wonderful ideas that are beneficial for users. It is accessible for everyone without any hassle and can make an asset or investment. Psyche is about to create a network to establish the stability in coin so you can enjoy consistent pricing. The extended transaction speed will make sure that your business can grow. It is a powerful model that you can trust. Psyche is highly concerned that the users don’t have to compromise with freedom, comfort, and security while transacting. Be a part of Psyche Coin today and let’s write the story together.